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North Loveland Therapists

4190 N Garfield Avenue, Suite 1


Cecelia Castell, LPCC

Cecelia believes therapy is a deeply personal experience that embraces and highlights the diversity of her clients. She believes that understanding and reconciling the events and influences of the past strengthens us in the present, while accepting "what is" paves the way for a clear and conscious way forward. 

​Her approach is grounded in offering a compassionate space that builds upon the insights and strengths within her clients. She values depth in the therapeutic relationship, recognizing its singular potential to foster opportunities for growth, insight and perspective.

With a focus on adult clients 18+, Cecelia supports individuals experiencing depression, trauma/PTSD, relational stress, and challenging life transitions including divorce. Her clients are also those who find themselves carrying family of origin wounds and other emotional injuries, which may create  increasing difficulty in adult life.


Cecelia's therapeutic style encourages holistic exploration and draws from psychodynamic principles, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and feminist theory, Cecelia integrates diverse tools and perspectives with mind-body components to facilitate comprehensive support. 


Cecelia holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. Her previous counseling experiences include supporting the mental health needs of adults in recovery and working with individuals impacted by domestic violence.


B Giffin, SWC

We're thrilled to welcome B to Four Points in Loveland! 


B's skillset includes being a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, with specialty training in shame resilience, worthiness and other areas based on Dr. Brene Brown's research.


Check back soon to learn more about B! They will be available for new client appointments beginning in mid-June.


Kaine Fredrickson, LPCC

Check back soon for information about our new therapist joining us in Loveland in July!


Ashley Schmaltz, LPCC

Ashley collaborates with her clients as they heal, grow, and gain confidence from the challenges they face. She creates an empowering environment where clients feel heard, valued, and can share their experiences. She uniquely supports each individual in pursuing the life they desire.

Ashley practices from a foundation of person-centered and trauma-informed therapy combined with mindfulness, CBT, narrative therapy, and emotionally focused couples therapy. She joins with her clients to explore their struggles and fears and find connections to the past. Ashley brings intention to sessions and explores with clients the impact of their environments and relationships.

Ashley is skilled in working with individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, life transitions, trauma/PTSD, and relational issues and has experience supporting foster and adoptive parents. She is also passionate about working with couples to improve communication, foster connection and heal from past traumas.

Ashley received her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy from the University of Northern Colorado. Her training and experience enables her to work with a variety of mental health concerns with children, adolescents, adults, and couples.


Megan Silberhorn, LPCC

Therapy is about facing what holds us back from becoming our highest selves; it is discovering the truth of who we are. Megan helps her clients transcend their wounds and fears, and provides the opportunity to heal in relationship with another human being. For many of us, there is an experience we have always been missing of what it feels like to be truly safe and secure. 

Megan is trained in EMDR and AEDP and brings a focus in her work to the therapeutic relationship, attachment, and leveraging connection as a way through trauma, emotional overwhelm, and isolation. Megan works with clients ages 12+ and brings advanced skill to her work with teens and young adults.  

The space to pause and take time can feel new and Megan provides an accepting environment for clients to reflect, consider and explore. Megan works extensively with trauma and complex PTSD, anxiety and life transitions. She also sees clients experiencing addiction, grief & loss, identity concerns, self-harm, struggles with self-esteem, suicidal ideation, and women's issues.  

Megan brings an inclusive, growth-oriented perspective to therapy that seeks to honor the inner world of others. Megan holds a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University and her background includes working with college students.

Joy Thomas interim photo.png

Joy Thomas, SWC

You are here because you are ready to move toward healing and self-discovery. This is a brave step, and we are here to remind you that you are not alone. Therapy extends the invitation to begin where you are, by recognizing and understanding the parts of the past that impact the present. 


Joy holds intentional space, accompanying clients to find their most authentic selves. From a trauma-informed, solution-focused, and harm reduction lens, Joy recognizes the range of mental health challenges individuals experience and the many ways these challenges can manifest. Joy pairs a strengths-based approach with evidence-based practices to assist with exploring and processing areas such as attachment, childhood trauma, family systems, and one’s inner critic. 


Joy works with individuals age 12+ as well as couples. She sees clients experiencing depression and anxiety and those seeking to set healthy boundaries and improve relationships. Joy's clients may experience intrusive thoughts, struggle with body image, use substances, or be in the process of learning to love themselves. Additionally, Joy works with people of color, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, and those who are in later stages of life.


Joy holds a Master of Social Work from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Contemplative Somatic Psychology from Naropa University. Joy’s clinical experience includes working with children, adolescents, and families providing in-home interventions, parent skill building, and teen support. Joy believes in holding a supportive space within a framework of empathy and nonjudgment, and extends the message to others that, You may not feel ready and you can start any time you would like.

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