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Erin Canon, MSW, SWC

Erin believes a safe environment is key to maneuvering the ups and downs life presents and that each person is worthy of a healing space. She believes that with courage and persistence, her clients have inherent strengths and abilities to enable their success in living authentic lives. 


Erin specializes in treating children and teens age 18 and under with trauma/PTSD, attachment issues, and behavioral and academic difficulties. Her clients also include adults experiencing these concerns. Erin’s other areas of focus include panic and anxiety, grief and loss, and struggles with self-worth. 


Erin offers a compassionate, non-judgmental environment where she utilizes techniques from solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy as she works alongside her clients through their unique processes. Additionally, she brings a trauma-informed approach to her work as she seeks to foster feelings of safety and build security within the therapeutic relationship.


Erin has a Master of Social Work Degree from Colorado State University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Family and Child Studies from the University of New Mexico and is certified as a Pre-Kindergarten–12th Grade School Social Worker. Erin is experienced in working with children and families to overcome the effects of abuse and trauma in the private practice and public school settings. 


Steph Kiehl, MSW, SWC

The choice to step into therapy is one of thoughtfulness, intention and courage.  Steph believes clients are the true experts on their lives and leans into each person’s unique strengths and abilities to connect and engage in ways that ultimately help them achieve their goals. 


Steph uses a person-centered approach to create an environment characterized at once by security, trust and openness. She feels we’re all capable of becoming what we seek to be, we may just need a little support to get there. Along with cognitive behavioral therapy, Steph’s emphasis on strengths-based therapy and empowerment theory lead clients to tapping into their innate resiliency and inner resources.


Steph works with clients age 18+ and is experienced in treating those struggling with substance use, anxiety and depression, trauma/PTSD, and body image. She also sees clients experiencing life transitions and relationship difficulties. 


Steph received a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Steph's background has included working with diverse populations, contributing to a strong capacity for adaptability and a skill for modifying approaches based on client needs.


Suzanne Roscoe, LCSW

Suzanne is an ally to her clients. She builds a secure framework where hope, connection and self-compassion can be integrated into her clients’ lives and relationships.


Her clients are teens aged 18+ as well as adults of all ages and Suzanne tailors individualized approaches to meet her clients’ self-defined needs. Suzanne’s specialty areas include addiction treatment and recovery, issues related to shame and self-worth, and emotion regulation. In addition to extensive work with substance use, Suzanne is experienced treating behavioral addictions and processes such as those involving gambling, sex, food, work, shopping, and adrenaline-based activities. Suzanne also sees clients struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, and relationship issues.


Suzanne highly values empathy, respect, and trust and seeks for these to be the defining characteristics of her therapeutic relationships. She incorporates CBT, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused and narrative therapy into her work and draws from Gestalt, person-centered, and constructivist theories.


Suzanne believes in the importance of being heard and holds a commitment to responsiveness to her clients’ needs. Her skill in establishing meaningful bonds sets the stage for each person’s path forward.


Ashley Shaw, MA, LPC

Ashley's warmth and easygoing personality make clear the reasons both children and adults feel at ease with her therapy style. She's an experienced and enthusiastic therapist who enjoys working with clients of all ages and has a specialty in child therapy. Ashley has extensive training which forms the foundation of her aptitude for working with young clients from infancy to age 12. In addition to individuals, Ashley sees families and couples for therapy.

Ashley is well-equipped to treat a broad range of concerns and has specialized training in autism, conduct disorders and trauma. She's also skilled in working with clients experiencing life transitions, relationship struggles, low self esteem, and difficulty regulating emotions. Ashley is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) and EMDR, both of which are powerful healing modalities for children and teens who have experienced trauma. She believes connecting with parents or other caregivers is important for the progress of child and teen clients, and seeks to involve them whenever possible.

Ashley's skill for family work naturally lends itself to couples therapy. And when she's not working with children, families or couples, she greatly values her work with adult clients and the opportunity for connection she can provide in an individual setting.

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Lauren Stanley, LCSW

Lauren believes relationships are fundamental to our ability to thrive as human beings. She feels it's within trusting and secure relationships that we heal from past wounds and learn new ways of coping with life's difficulties.

A sense of meaning and purpose can have extraordinary impacts on the ability to overcome struggles. Lauren helps clients leverage the elements in their lives that hold meaning for them. She has extensive formal training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and approaches therapy through a lens informed by family systems theory, dialectical behavior therapy and existentialism.

Lauren believes we each possess the capacity for connection, and that it's not always possible to know how much lighter we can feel until some of the weight is lifted. She specializes in substance use, grief and loss, and the complexities associated with aging. Lauren also works with those struggling with process addictions, chronic depression, and brings heartfelt compassion to those experiencing the impacts of caregiving.

Lauren completed her graduate education and a post-graduate fellowship in Houston where she focused on treatment of co-occurring disorders. In Colorado, she served as clinical director of a statewide organization and now divides her time between clinical work and supporting Four Points as Executive Director. 


Charlotte Stephens, LPC

Charlotte recognizes there are many ways life can knock you down, and sometimes it feels impossible to get back up. This can lead to a variety of mental health and relationship difficulties. Charlotte believes every person holds within themselves the strength to overcome adversity. Sometimes, you need a little bit of guidance to find that strength.


Charlotte uses narrative and emotion-focused approaches to help individuals and families become the best version of themselves. Charlotte aims to help each individual and family system process trauma and understand how it affects their day to day lives. She challenges the ideas her clients hold about themselves from past experiences, and supports them as they expand their self confidence, determine their strengths, and move forward in life with a sense of peace.


Charlotte specializes in treating children and preteens age 11 and under with ADHD, trauma/PTSD, autism spectrum disorder and attachment issues.  Her clients also include adults struggling with many of these concerns. Other areas of her work include anger, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, substance use and depression. She has additional specialized experience working with individuals from the LGBTQ+ community.


Charlotte has a Master of Science Degree and an Education Specialist Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Central Florida. Charlotte has experience in the private practice setting, as well as intensive settings for substance use.


Hannah Svedlow, LPC

Hannah supports her clients as they navigate the joys and challenges of childhood through early adulthood. Parents of young children and adolescents find Hannah to be a kind and welcoming presence for their children who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, and other concerns. Her skill and approachability makes her well-suited to supporting teens and young adults who may be managing stress or relationship difficulties. 


Hannah works with a range of clients in different developmental phases and trusts in their wisdom and ability to explore their own themes, symbols, and stories. Hannah understands that children develop a sense of self and safety within the context of early relationships, which makes parent/caregiver involvement important in the counseling process. Her approach to parenting support is solution-focused, collaborative and non-judgmental.


In addition to play therapy, Hannah incorporates mind-body work, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques into sessions, with developmentally appropriate services tailored to each client. Client goals can be as unique as they are, and Hannah's clients often see themselves improving social skills, reducing feelings of distress, and gaining a better understanding of themselves. 


Hannah honors diversity in her work and is committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety. Her intention is for therapy to be a place where folks of different socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and ethnicity may all feel welcome.


Jesse Hazel, LCSW, AADC

Jesse practices psychotherapy from an insight-oriented humanist perspective that emphasizes meaningful connection, authenticity, self-compassion, integration, and curious exploration. Jesse and her clients work together toward healing from trauma and relationship conflict, navigating life transitions, recovering from addiction, and reclaiming wellness from depression, anxiety, and burnout.


Her holistic approach incorporates mind-body-spirit-focused interventions to treat the whole person and it's not uncommon for her to introduce creative expression, breath work, mindful movement, and meditative exercises in session. Jesse's training and experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment-focused psychotherapy, EMDR, and clinical hypnosis helps break through old patterns and create deep and lasting change.

Those who find their way to Jesse may have experienced feeling invalidated, shut down, numb, or perhaps have felt the need to mask different parts of themselves and were left feeling confused, invisible, or uninspired. In individual therapy, Jesse helps clients move through feelings of hopelessness, exhaustion, burnout, or simply the knowledge that something needs to change. Jesse works to empower individuals to decide their own destination and helps by guiding and supporting along the way. 

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