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Our Philosophy

We make each decision with intention, because your experience should be the best it can be.

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Four Points is operated entirely by therapists. Our relational focus and attention to client care extends beyond the therapy session as we construct systems that support the therapy experience.

Processes are thoughtfully designed, whether scheduling appointments, managing insurance, or completing paperwork, to reflect that you're valued and that we care about the impact on you. 

And we take care of our therapists, because an organization people enjoy being part of means they have more emotional and mental resources, allowing for deeper, more meaningful connections with clients. 

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Four Points Leadership

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Lauren Boe Stanley, LCSW

Executive Director

Lauren's time as a therapist as well as her years in senior management resulted in her belief that the way to provide the highest level of care was to make it as logistically simple to receive therapy as possible and to take excellent care of both clients and therapists. 

Lauren's clinical work focuses on substance use disorders, complex grief and chronic depression with an emphasis on existential exploration. She feels there's a special intersection between being a therapist and managing an organization, and that remaining dedicated to clinical work allows a level of insight not otherwise possible into the way business decisions impact therapists and clients. (And she just loves being a therapist.)


In addition to her work as a therapist, the majority of Lauren's career has been spent in leadership roles, including as clinical director for a large organization prior to founding Four Points. She feels drawn to these positions due to her passion for empowering therapists to do the work they love in a way that maximizes their fulfillment and autonomy. She also enjoys seeing the outcome- the exceptional care therapists empowered in this way are able to provide their clients. 

As Executive Director, Lauren makes people the priority, and believes that when relationships come first, clients and clinicians are happy, systems work well and things (mostly) take care of themselves. 


Ashley Shaw, MA, LPC

Clinical Director

Ashley's guiding belief is that great leaders don’t have all the answers but rather they foster and nurture the skills of others. Her career has encompassed direct client care, supervision, and leadership management, which led to her passion for developing processes that help therapists thrive so they can truly be the best at what they do. Her goal is to create an environment that feels supportive, collaborative and engaging for both therapists and clients.


As a therapist herself, Ashley creates processes from a reality-based and practical perspective, ever mindful of the impact operations have on clients and clinicians. Her clinical work includes individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families, and she has specialized training working with ages 0 to 12. Much of what Ashley brings to client sessions is echoed in her role as a leader, as she brings the spirit of collaboration, understanding and a non-judgmental approach into her relationships. 


Ashley’s diverse management experience includes being director of a large region of multi-disciplinary therapists. She also has extensive experience as a clinical supervisor and is passionate about fostering the growth of new professionals. 


Her driving force as Clinical Director of Four Points is to provide a satisfying work-life balance for therapists so they can focus their talents and resources on clients. She aims to create thoughtful workflows, make meaningful changes when clients or therapists need them, and ultimately support the mission that Four Points standards are higher, allowing care to reach new levels of excellence.

Four Points Mission

To provide exceptional care to each individual.

        By removing barriers;

         Reframing and expanding perspectives;

         Emphasizing integrity and dedication; 

         And demonstrating our belief that people come first in all that we do.

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Four Points Values

Acting With Intention

Our decisions are made with the ever-present awareness that each action we take carries with it an impact on our employees, clients, referral partners and our community. 

Introspective Leadership

We fundamentally believe in a transparent, accountable leadership style in which we challenge our assumptions, accept our limitations, welcome feedback, and speak to our errors. 

People First Philosophy

Four Points was founded on a legacy of strong and trusting relationships. We hold our relational orientation closely and seek to create space for everyone to thrive, and for our therapists to explore what growth and excellence means for them individually. 

Inclusion Promotion

We are brought together by the pain of the human experience and a desire to assist others along their way. Although our perspectives of pain, togetherness, and what it means to be human are different, our backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and abilities shape the lens through which we see the world, and by sharing with each other, embracing new viewpoints and confronting biases, we gain the strength of perspective that leads to true greatness and belonging.


It is very important that you only do what you love to do... You may have to move into a shabby place to live, but you will totally live. And at the end of your days you will bless your life because you have done what you came here to do.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 

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