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License Renewal

IMPORTANT: Renewal Responsibility

Four Points shares this information as a courtesy. License renewal and accumulation of hours are the sole responsibility of therapists, including provisionally licensed therapists (candidates). 


Nothing contained here or otherwise communicated by Four Points should be construed to mean that action will be taken on behalf of therapists to apply for license renewal or to meet renewal requirements. 

New to renewal in Colorado?
Check out our step by step guide to filing your renewal. You'll be set for another 2 years!

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Tips for Obtaining Hours

  • Clinical supervisors can count hours providing supervision.

  • Attending consult groups is an easy way to rack up hours. Just keep a log (we try to keep one along side you to serve as verification but it's important not to rely on this to track attendance) and let us know you need proof of hours. We need at least 5 business days to provide you with the letter you need for verification. 

  • Time spent reading clinical literature (text books, journal articles, etc.) counts for hours as long as it's directly relevant and beneficial to your work as a therapist and you can verify that you did indeed complete the reading.

Good To Know

  • Proof of hours and associated renewal paperwork must be kept for 7 years.

  • Licenses issued mid-2 year cycle don't need all 40 hours.​ From DORA:

         "The requirement is prorated at 1.66 hours per month, including the 

           month the license is issued through the month the license expires."


          Please contact DORA to verify hours required if you fall under

          this provision and you plan to obtain fewer than all 40 hours.

          We also strongly encourage you to apply for renewal as soon

          as renewal opens in case you are audited. 

  • You create a Health Professions Profile when you first receive a license. It likely lists a former employer and this is a great time to make a quick update since you can access your profile right where you renew your license. 

How to renew
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Renew Your License

  • License renewal opens on August 1 or shortly before.

  • Select the option to renew your license. 

    • You'll also notice an option to update your Healthcare Profile, this is a great time to do this- it's super quick!​

  • The next page has a Start button if the renewal period is open. If you don't see a start button, it's not time yet. ​

  • Click Start and complete the renewal process and submit the renewal fee. 

  • Shortly after submission, you will receive your new wallet card license via email. Please forward to Ashley Shaw right away. It's critical to have on file for numerous compliance and regulatory reasons.

    • Exception: It's very unlikely, but if you are chosen at random for an audit, you will be notified of selection. If this applies to you, leadership would be happy to support you. Being audited can feel scary,  however please know there's no reason to worry if you've completed your continuing education + paperwork. 

    • After successfully passing the audit, you will receive your new wallet card. 

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