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  Individual Therapy: Adolescents 12+ and Adults

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We believe our greatest strength is in relationships. That our connectedness is what allows us to move beyond pain, fear, shame and the darkness we can feel when we're alone.


Our therapists recognize that healing happens within a relationship founded on trust and safety, where you and your goals are the highest priority.


We're experienced in a wide variety of areas and equipped to treat diverse concerns. Our areas of specialty include: 

  • Therapy for children and adolescents

  • Adult substance use 

  • Maternal/paternal mental health, including postpartum disorders and parenting concerns

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Individual, Couples, and Families 

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New availability for adolescents 12+ and adults

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Harm Reduction

DBT Skills

Play Therapy

Trauma-Focused CBT

Family therapy

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awhile on boughs too slight,

feels them give way beneath her,

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