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What is the cost for services?

This will vary depending on whether you use insurance or not. If you use insurance, we will do our best to let you know an estimated out of pocket cost prior to your first appointment. We encourage you, however, to verify your coverage with your insurer independently. If you self-pay, or do not use insurance, the rate is set by your therapist and this will be shared with you at the time of scheduling.

Will my insurance cover teletherapy?

Most insurance plans do cover telehealth appointments at this time. We strongly encourage you to verify this independently but we will complete a verification ahead of your first appointment. If you begin services in person, however, and then switch to telehealth, this will not be completed. Ultimately, the responsibility is the client's for ensuring services are covered by insurance.

What are the minimum and maximum ages you treat?

Therapist availability is a factor, but in general our therapists currently see adolescents as young as 10 years old and there is no upper age limit to the clients we see. 

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

This also depends on therapist availability. We strive to offer a variety of times and these time slots tend to be filled quickly. We recommend scheduling an appointment that is as workable for you as possible and letting your therapist know your preferred time. Your therapist may be able to eventually work you into your preferred time.

Do any of your staff prescribe medications?

At this time we don't have any psychiatric practitioners on staff, but we can provide you with referrals to other community resources and providers who may be able to assist you.

Do you have a wait list?

We no longer use a wait list, however if you're interested in working with a particular therapist who is not currently accepting new clients, we may be able to share some information about the likelihood of a long/short wait or whether another therapist on our team may be similar in style and approach to the therapist you were hoping to see.